Quantum Mechanics of One-and-Two-Electron Atoms. Edwin E. Salpeter, Hans A. Bethe

Quantum Mechanics of One-and-Two-Electron Atoms

ISBN: 0486466671,9780486466675 | 375 pages | 10 Mb

Quantum Mechanics of One-and-Two-Electron Atoms Edwin E. Salpeter, Hans A. Bethe
Publisher: Dover Publications

After reading Manjit Kumar's QUANTUM: Einstein, Bohr, And The Great Debate About The Nature Of Reality, I am left with these two thoughts about Quantum Physics: 1) So Rutherford came up with the an improved Quantum Atom to fit the new facts—one in which the positive Alpha Particles (later called Protons) were in the middle, surrounded by negatively charged particles (the already discovered Electrons) which would repel positively charged protons. If the Thompson model was correct, all the alpha The Bohr model states that electrons exist in various orbitals and the energy corresponds to the energy level diagram on the left. However, this assumption is refuted by Pauli's principle, according to which no two electrons in a single atom can occupy the same quantum state, i.e. Of course, such surveys are mostly just for fun — the views of a particular group of experts at one conference don't necessarily reflect the entire quantum physics community. Electrons of higher energy occupy Bohr orbitals of greater radii. The statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics is one of the most profound aspects of science. What's more interesting than the numerical results is their diversity. Alpha particles are He nuclei or He 2+ atoms. They must differ in at least one of their quantum numbers. Bringing a second bag into the picture, and putting one of the two marbles into each, we find that there are two possible states: red/blue and blue/red. Wave functions are, of course, quite real, but they are functions of the space around a mass such as an atomic nucleus; not of the electron itself.

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